How to Take Care of a Cast Iron Skillet (It’s Easier Than You Might Think)

Cast iron cookware offers many advantages, especially to frugal folks who are just beginning to dabble in cooking and food prep. They are cheap, sturdy, versatile, and capable of lasting many generations when cared for properly. Aside from the practical reasons to purchase a few basic pieces, it feels mildly epic and ancestral to wield a heavy slab of iron over a stove. Traditional cast iron skillets don’t come with a nonstick surface, which can protect you and your family from chemicals and help you achieve superior flavor over time. Instead, they require seasoning. Seasoning cast iron is not as complicated as it sounds, and it is worth the bit of extra effort! We found an awesome how-to guide to walk you the process of maintaining cast iron. This includes seasoning, cooking, washing, and removing rust from your cast iron skillet. Not only is the guide practical and easy to follow, we love the vintage style illustrations!

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