How History’s Deadliest Viruses Stack Up

How does the 2019 novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) compare to other deadly viruses that humanity has had to face in the past, and some we still continue to face today? Many of these viruses have caused their own pandemics over time. Take an in-depth look at 24 of the deadliest viruses in history with this infographic that not only ranks them in terms of their mortality rate; but also focuses on their death tolls, modes of transmission, incubation periods, carriers of the virus, and more. It includes an illustration of these deadly viruses, scaled to size, to truly compare them with one another. Due to a viruses’ minuscule size, and the fact that they need to reproduce inside of cells, they cannot be treated with antibiotics and therefore a vaccine must be created to cure these diseases. Which of these deadly viruses has had a vaccine successfully created, and which are still without one and continue to kill thousands of people every year? It is a sobering look at the devastation that diseases have caused and will continue to cause as new viral strains emerge.

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History's Deadliest Viruses Illustrated to Scale

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