Everything Amazon Owns

In the 27 years of its existence, Amazon has become an unstoppable giant that influences every corner of society and the world. In 2021, the company reported a mind-blowing $420 billion in assets! Amazon has acquired companies that expand its reach into nearly every market imaginable, from food, entertainment, shoes, and pharmaceuticals to live streaming, home security, and transportation. The team at SMB Compass has created compelling visual guide to everything that Amazon owns:


One new thing that I discovered while browsing this chart is that one of Amazon’s most recent acquisitions is entertainment icon MGM Holdings, which they purchased for $8.45 billion in 2021. You may recognize MGM by its legendary roaring lion logo, which is fitting – Amazon has certainly become the king of the retail jungle. While $8.45 billion is a bewildering sum of money, it has not been Amazon’s priciest acquisition. In 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion!

From a design standpoint, I appreciate how simple and easy to digest this infographic is. It is easy to spot recognizable logos and take knowledge away from this at a glance. While there is a ton of information, the colored category bubbles help prevent it from being cluttered or overwhelming. The black circle behind the Amazon logo provides a contrasting anchor that makes everything else pop. All in all, I love infographics like this that lay out everything major companies own. Who doesn’t love fuel for the corporate anger machine? All joking aside, knowledge is power and being an informed consumer is beneficial for the economy, market, and the individual.

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