Which States Have The Highest Rate of Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have risen in popularity over recent years as more Americans try to lessen their carbon footprint and switch from cars that only rely on gasoline. But which U.S. citizens are the most concerned about the greenhouse gases created by their vehicle and have gone the electric route? The team at Alans Factory Outlet answer this question with a graphic they created that maps out the greenest (literally) states in the country. Their graphic ranks all fifty states plus Washington D.C. on the number of electric vehicle registrations per 100,000 people. While states like California, Hawaii, and Vermont are no surprise to see topping the list, some of the others states that landed in the top 10 were a bit more of a surprise. States like Arizona and Utah were found to be less environmentally-friendly than over half the states yet they had some of the nation’s highest rates of electric vehicle registrations. What other U.S. states were found at the top of the list when it came to their rate of electric vehicles in their garages?



Below are the ten states that were found to have the highest number of electric vehicles registrations for every 100,000 residents.

  1. California: 1,083.90
  2. Hawaii : 733.20
  3. Washington: 652.82
  4. Oregon 539.26
  5. Colorado: 424.46
  6. Arizona: 395.39
  7. Nevada: 355.60
  8. Vermont: 346.77
  9. Utah: 343.26
  10. District of Columbia: 342.25

For more information, check out the complete list compiled by AlansFactoryOutlet to see how all fifty states rank when it comes to having the most Eco-friendly drivers in the United States.



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