Which U.S. High Schools Have the Highest ACT and SAT Scores?

Ever wonder how your high school stacked up against others? There are no standardized tests to compare high schools nationwide but there are tests such as the ACTs and SATs. These tests are not universal and are not taken consistently in every state but is the best benchmark for comparing schools America has available. These tests are most often used in the college admissions process as a test of an applying student’s aptitude.

These two data visualizations from Brainly.com detail the top high schools in the US by ACT and SAT test scores as well as the top high school in every state. How do your personal scores rank up against the best high schools in the United States? Let us know below!

The Top (and Bottom) 10 High Schools in the U.S. by ACT/SAT Scores

Click to view the full-size visualization

The Highest-Scoring High Schools by State

Click to view the full-size visualization

Please note that data was not available for the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia


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