Which U.S. Cities Are the Most Bike-Friendly?

Bike riding is a popular activity for millions of Americans, but not all streets are equal in terms of how bike-friendly they are. Which cities across the United States are the best for those looking to cruise around on two wheels, and which ones have been deemed the least bike-friendly and downright most dangerous for bicyclists to ride in? The research team at Tower Electric Bikes was determined to find the answers to these questions, which they did by analyzing data collected by PlacesForBikes that identified the best cities for bicycling through a variety of factors. Using this information, Tower Electric Bikes focused on four different metrics for their determination of the most and least bike-friendly cities in America. These metrics included the percentage of bike commuters in the city, the percentage of recreational bike riders, the bike fatality rate for every 10,000 residents, and the city’s bike network analysis score. The bike network analysis score is a measurement of how well people can get to their destination on a comfortable and connected bike network. The most bike-friendly city was found to be Crested Butte, CO which had the highest bike network analysis score in the country. Stanford, CA has the country’s highest rate of bike commuters at 60%, which landed it in the number two spot. Coming in third is the charming Provincetown, MA, which can be found at the very tip of Cape Cod. As for the least bike-friendly city in America, well, that was also found to be located in California. Los Angeles earned the worst scores by far with low percentages of bike riders and commuters and an exceptionally high bike fatality rate. Has this list given you second-thoughts about bicycling in some of the least bike-friendly cities in America?

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The Most Bike-Friendly Cities made by Tower Electric Bikes

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