Where Are the Most Goods Shipped Around the Planet?

Ever wonder where the majority of the goods you find in stores come from? These products almost always make their way onto store shelves after coming through one of the many ports that can be found in nearly every nation that borders an ocean in the world. Ports are critically important to every country in the world, even those without them. In order for good that only come from the other side of the world to get to your country, they’ll need to pass through a nearby port to get to your country. Without ports, global economies would collapse. There are no entirely self-reliant countries in the world. Everyone needs something from someone else. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that keeps everything moving. So where are the biggest ports in the world? A yacht company from Staten Island, New York has created a new visualization that aims to answer that question. Read on for the 30 largest ports on the planet.


As you’ve seen, 6 out of the 10 largest ports in the world by shipping volume are in China. If you ever wondered why so many products say “Made in China”, it’s because they have a monstrous manufacturing industry and need a multitude of ports to ship those products everywhere around the world. The 4 top 10 ports that aren’t in China are in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States respectively. So, if you ever see a container port in a major city and think that it’s an eyesore, just remember all of the good that it’s doing.

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