Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/ImaginaryMonsters!

We are back with another round of admiring the incredible talent that can be discovered on Reddit! This time we are taking a terrifying turn by delving into the dark, twisted imaginations of artists and facing the creatures that lurk there. So let’s gear up and confront these demons!


Giant Killers by Ray Waysider

monster1Artist: Ray Waysider

I love this one because it tells a cheeky, clever story of the underdogs winning in one single scene!


Meeting With A Warlord by Jakub Rozalski

monster2Artist: Jakub Rozalski

I could not agree more with the top comment: “A Viking and a samurai unite to defeat a titan. Sounds like the sequel shadow of the colossus should have had.” It captures the ancient, ethereal vibes of Shadow of the Colossus. I love how the grass closest to the viewer has more detail, creating a sense of depth. Be sure to check out his other work – so many eerily striking masterpieces!


Old God of the Northern Mountains.

monster3Artist: Bjarke Pedersen

This one sent a cold shiver down my spine. The monochromatic color scheme makes it so much more bleak and arresting. The top comments continue the story: “I like to imagine looking out at this right before the lightning strikes and barely seeing a hint of an impossibly huge shadow coming out form behind the mountain, and then BOOM the lightning strikes and for a terrifying instant you see THIS fucker in all his glory.” And then, “And as soon as the lightning is gone, the fog rolls in and you can no longer see it but can hear its steps coming closer.” Ahhh!


Siberian Tigerpede by B.R. Guthrie

monster4Artist: B.R. Guthrie

It seems that this brilliant abomination is eating a dragon, so that must mean it is absolutely gargantuan! The top comment is: “Looks like something from the spirit world.” I agree. I also get strong Japanese mythology vibes – those tales are ripe with disturbing and wildly creative creatures.


A Chernobyl Horror Story 6 by Stefan Koidl

monster5Artist: Stefan Koidll

This is so unsettling because it is not that far removed from reality – it is as if this is a scene just beyond the veil between life and death. The top comment is: “This is some SCP shit, I love it”. This sent me down a rabbit hole to find what “SCP shit” is. The SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization created and documented by a collaborative-writing wikipedia project. The foundation is responsible for studying various paranormal, supernatural, or unexplained phenomena. There are nearly 7,000 SCP objects! They are not just creatures – one example is the SCP-087, a staircase that appears to descend infinitely and is inhabited by SCP-087-1, a disembodied floating face that chases anyone who walks down the stairs.


There is also SCP-173, a horrifying animate statue that can move at very high speeds and snap the neck of any life form.


SCP-096, also known as the Shy Guy, is a grotesque creature that will relentlessly pursue and violently murder anyone who looks upon its face. Legend has it that the Shy Guy was once a human who climbed Mount Everest and encountered SCP-1529 at the summit. SCP-1529 brutally deformed Shy Guy and laughed as he wept before walking away into the snow. Due to the lack of canon in the SCP universe, there are multiple origin stories that readers can choose from.


There are even “cognitohazards”, or SCP that are hazardous to subjects when experienced through any of the traditional five senses. One example is SCP-012, a piece of handwritten musical score called “On Mount Golgotha” which appears incomplete. Multiple test subjects were allowed to interact with the score. In every case, the subjects mutilated themselves in an attempt to use their own blood to finish the piece. Anyone who managed to finish a section of the piece promptly took their own life, declaring that it was “impossible to complete”. Wow.

And then there is SCP-2521, which destroys any information about itself and kills anyone who speaks of it. Fortunately, it does not realize that information can be conveyed through images, so the entire wikipedia article on it is made of diagrams.


I am glad I discovered the SCP universe and I’m excited to keep digging!

We hope you enjoyed this creepy edition of Let’s Admire! Which creature would you least want to encounter? My vote is for the Old God of the Northern Mountains. That one evoked the most dread in me by far!

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