The Most Popular Beer in Every State Using Google Trends Data

What is your favorite beer? I personally love most beers – the type of beer I am craving shifts with seasons, settings, and mood! Poolside? You can’t beat a light and tangy lager. Corona is the 3rd best-selling beer in the world for a reason! Warming up by the fire after a day on the slopes? A rich, malty stout does wonders. Favorite beers are also influenced by where you live, as shown by this fun and refreshing infographic by Grillio presents the most popular beer in every state using Google Trends data:


The dominant type of beer across the United States appears to be ale, which makes sense since it is a crowd pleaser! I find it intriguing that stouts are popular among states near the Great Lakes – I wonder what influences factor into this choice? I wonder if residents of these states opt for heavy stouts to help survive the long, brutal, snow-packed winters. California and Hawaii are the only states where India pale ales rule supreme – I feel IPAs are blossoming in popularity now, so I would be curious to see an updated version of this map in a few years! What about the most popular beer brands by state? This infographic delivers lots of juicy beer facts! There seems to be a delightfully diverse spread of popular beer brands in America, although Corona seems to make the most appearances. So does your favorite beer choice align with your home state? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Cheers!

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