How Lucrative is the Dental Field?

It’s a well-known fact that those in the medical field get paid fairly well, especially those in the higher ranks such as doctors, dentists, and other medical specialists. But just how much do they actually bring home for their annual salary? The answer has been mapped out for dentists in the United States, thanks to this chart from Dental Care Alliance that explores where dentists are paid the most and the least across the country.


The map makes it easy to see which areas of the country dentists earn the highest salary, with many of them located in the Northeast. The Dover-Durham area in New Hampshire was found to have the highest paid dentists, with a mean annual salary of $286,540. Although the same can’t be said for dental hygienists in the Northeast. The chart has a separate section that shares where dental hygienists are paid the most in the country, and California seems to be the state where they earn the highest salaries. Out of the top 20 places in the U.S. where dental hygienists are paid the most, sixteen of the metro areas are located in California. So where in the U.S. are dentists and dental hygienists paid the least? The lowest paid dentists are fairly wide spread throughout the country, with the lowest mean annual wage found to be in Shreveport, LA at just $95,340. As for where dental hygienists are paid the least, most of the areas that make up the top 20 list are located in the south with those in Gadesen, AL earning the lowes annual wage of $37,850. Are those working in the dental field where you live earning salaries on the higher or lower end?

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