Worldwide Hotel Chains With the Most Locations

Hilton, Hyatt, Wyndham, oh my! In 2020, hotels experienced a staggering 85% drop in gross operating profit and a 103% decrease in net operating income. Despite major setbacks during the pandemic, the hotel industry is bouncing back beautifully. I have always been curious about how profitable running a hotel is. It seems pretty lucrative to provide places for people to sleep, but I was surprised to discover that the hotel industry has one of the lowest profit margins with an average around 10%! Of course, that did not stop Marriott International, the most profitable hotel chain, from making $20.77 billion in revenue in 2022! The team at Decorative Ceiling Tiles has created this simple and effective visualization of the biggest hotel chains in the world ranked by number of locations. Let’s “check in” on it:


I am honestly in awe that China’s Jin Jiang International has 11,959 locations – they even managed to increase their number of locations by 11% since 2020! This has me wondering – how many hotel rooms are in the world? According to Hotel Tech Report, there were around 17.5 million guest rooms worldwide in 20202. Marriott International owns 1.4 million of those guest rooms spread across 9,280 hotels, making it the hotel chain with the most rooms in total. From a design perspective, I have always been a fan of circular bar visualizations like these. They make it seamless to compare data in a quick and compact way, all while being aesthetically pleasing!

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