Where in the U.S. Is It Most Expensive to Have a Funeral?

These days, funerals can be a huge expense. The median cost of a funeral is $7,360, though it’s not unusual for funeral costs to reach upwards of $10,000 when all is said and done. End-of-life costs can often become a financial burden for loved ones who must cover the expenses during what is already an incredibly difficult time.

What’s especially surprising is how much funeral costs can vary from state to state. This graphic from Choice Mutual breaks down where in the country funerals are most and least expensive, and the costs are all over the place. For instance, the average cost of a funeral in Rockville, MD ($9,847) is more than double the cost of the average funeral in Las Cruces, NM ($4,560). Even cremations, which are usually thought to be a less expensive option, vary greatly city to city. Rockville’s average cremation costs $6,170, while in Las Cruces the average cost is just $1,860!

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See the full breakdown of most and least expensive cities. Which city’s funeral costs is most surprising to you?

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