The Perfect Chart for World Travelers Looking to Get Lucky

Have you ever wondered which county has the most promiscuous people? Well, wonder no more with the Global Promiscuity Index created by mattress reviewers, NapLab, that assesses the promiscuity levels of people around the world. Their promiscuity index analyzed forty-five countries on six different factors to determine where you’re most likely to get lucky in your travels. These sex-related factors were used to determine each population’s attitudes toward more casual sex, the availability of causal sex, and if there are any repercussions of promiscuous sex in the country.


The six factors that were analyzed in NapLab’s study include the mean age virginity was lost and the average number of sexual partners. Others include where the people in each country stand in regards to premarital sex being a moral issue; and the populations’ STD rate was used to determine where unprotected casual sex (and its consequences) are most common. The last two factors used to determine the promiscuity levels of each country are if prostitution is legal, which it is in a surprising number of countries, and if premarital sex is illegal. Yes, you read that right, premarital sex is actually illegal in a handful of countries around the world. Of the forty-five countries analayzed, just Malaysia and Indonesia have deemed premarital sex as a punishable offense. Malaysia’s legislation surrounding premarital sex is limited only to Muslim citizens who are bound by Islamic law, but that is still a large portion of the population in Malaysia. Have you ever gotten lucky in one of the world’s most promiscuous countries?

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