The Meaning Behind Boy Scout Patches

Boy Scout uniforms adorned with all those patches don’t just look cool, they also tell a story! The many patches represent the Scout’s journey and all of the badges and awards that they have earned during their time in the Scouts BSA program. You may be wondering what the “Scouts BSA” is? It is the new name for the Boy Scouts program as of 2019 when the program began to allow girls to join too; since then more than 31,000 girls have joined! Now members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program are referred to as just “Scouts”.


So what do all those colorful patches and shiny pins on the BSA uniform actually represent? Learn more about them, and the requirements for earning each, with the ‘Ultimate Guide to Boy Scouts of America Patches and What They Mean’ created by the team at This visual guide shares what each of the patches mean, the proper uniform placement for each, and how the patches differ across the six levels of the BSA program. Our favorite patch on the scout uniform has to be the merit badge. Scouts can further explore their own personal interests and hone their skills by earning merit badges in a wide variety of different fields. The topics that merit badges cover are vast with over 135 merit badges for the Scout to choose from. Merit badges for swimming, first aid, environmental science, camping, cooking, archery, and leatherwork are just some of the merit badges that were earned by the most scouts in 2021. Have you ever been a member of the Boy Scouts? If so, which merit badge was your favorite to earn?

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