10 Fan Art Masterpieces Inspired by Supernatural

Supernatural has gripped and enchanted fans for nearly thirteen years now. This is an incredible feat considering the show has preserved a core group of characters, subjecting them to situations that range from gritty and heartwrenching to playful and ridiculous (in the best way possible). It is undeniable that Supernatural has ebbed and flowed in quality over the years, but to steadfast fans it has always felt like a dysfunctional, delightful home. The fans are passionate, compassionate, and wildly talented. The community has accomplished marvelous feats of charity, creativity, and good-hearted mayhem. Let’s explore some of the incredible artwork that fans have created over the years. SPOILERS AHEAD!



supernatural_fanart_by_douglasrecall-d96zbxeBy DouglasRecall

This is one of my favorites. Sam and Dean’s hunting style (and overall lifestyle) is captured by this artwork – gritty, volatile, and resourceful.



winchesters___laundry_day_by_petite_madameBy Petite-Madame

This one is a classic by Petite Madame. The boys must do laundry on occasion, considering they have a relatively small rotation of flannels, jackets, and denim. In episode 4.18 The Monsters at the End of This Book, we get treated to a charming laundry scene. Petite Madame does wonders with facial expression – Dean has got his signature “Blue Steel” smirk that conveys badassery with a touch of precious vulnerability, while Sam expresses conflicted idealism that we know will be brutally squashed as time goes on.



supernatural___angels_by_thedurrrrian-d6l04esBy theDURRRRIAN

Now this is just breathtaking. My favorite aspect of this is how clear it is that the boys are possessed by their respective archangels; I can envision Lucifer and Michael making those facial expressions while they confront each other in battle.


__baby___chevrolet_impala__67___supernatural_by_carella_art-d9z7txyBy Carella-Art

Baby looks fantastic in watercolor!


supernatural_dogs_by_akirayngwolf-d4n55u9.pngBy Sammaella

This one is just precious. What dog would you like the most as a pet? In my opinion, Dean-dog would be the most loyal and playful, but Sam-dog would make a better companion for long hikes and study sessions. Let us know in the comments below!



wild_west_by_blakravell-d424ssg.pngBy Blakravell

This is masterfully done. According to Blackravell’s Deviantart, she created this with photoshop, a drawing tablet, and 8 hours of dedication and talent. Cowboy Dean is the hero we all need. Check out this breathtaking Abaddon portrait as well, and everything else they have done. Truly remarkable.



castiel_by_kaiser_mony-d4e2yee.pngBy kaiser-mony

This may be one of my favorites ever. I love the ethereal swirl details on his trenchcoat, and the bleeding, messy wings… because caring about humans is a messy burden. In a way, it reminds me of the style of Samurai Jack or even Cowboy Bebop.



vulture_and_death_by_chenj27-d5bacx4By Chenj27

Death is one of the most compelling characters in Supernatural. His introduction scene gives me shivers no matter how many times I experience it. The sparce slashes of jewel tones contrasting with deep black makes this a striking work of art.



a_writhing_of_leviathan_by_madgeneticist-d5moztxBy MadGeneticist

You must experience artist Sasha Reneau’s unsettling explorations of Purgatory, Leviathans and Castiel’s ungodly communion with them. She has also illustrated several angels in their true form; each one is an awe-inspiring masterpiece.



supernatural-10You need to see Risa Rodil’s entire collection of minimalist Supernatural posters. It was an epic struggle to choose just one to feature on here, so I opted for a bundle of them. Each one cuts right to the heart of the story without revealing too much.

What are your favorite pieces of Supernatural fan art? We would love to see them! Let us know if you would like us to create another collection of fan art masterpieces from any fandom. We love celebrating creativity!

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