The Ridiculous Scale of Fictional Things

Sure, believe what your third-grade teacher had to say: Your imagination is endless.

That may be true, but it certainly seems like sometimes authors and creators mutter to themselves, “My tower is bigger than your tower,” or, “My spaceship is bigger and cooler than your spaceship!”

But how do they really compare? And just how big do the tallest towers, largest mechs, and most massive spaceships of fiction get? Here’s a few different scales collected by some dedicated nerds, who can give us a frame of reference.


Movie Monsters


Godzilla might be able to squash Tokyo easily, but King Ghidorah probably wouldn’t even notice it under its feet.


Fictional Buildings and Fantasy Towers

the-scale-of-fictional-buildings-4-small has brought us the Scale of Fictional Buildings, which not only compares fantasy buildings with each other, but with real-life skyscrapers as well. Fantasy is full of ridiculously huge towers, but nothing can touch the massiveness of the final tower on their list.



Anime fans know that robots and mechs can get ridiculously huge. This video shows the scale of mecha from Japanese culture. This isn’t your father’s Gundam! Toward the beginning, you have mechs a fraction of the size of a human, and, toward the end, you have mechs larger than the observable universe. (Is that possible? We’re not sure … )


The Ultimate Size Comparison of Fictional Spaceships


A continuously updated and masterfully crafted work of art by DirkLoechel (on Deviant Art), this ultimate list has pretty much everything, from the common ships of Star Wars to the obscure craft of EVE and Warhammer. You’re going to want to stare at it for a while, and possibly break out your magnifying glass.


Video Game Maps

The worlds of respective video games are huge, and keep getting bigger as the technology gets more advanced. The Skyrim map may have been impressive, but the one that beats them all out is Minecraft.


For Reference: The Scale of the Universe 2

Even though it’s fictional, the universe of Minecraft is also included in this breakdown of the scale of things that exist in reality: the Scale of the Universe 2. Keep this in mind as you’re imagining the scale of your favorite shows and films!

It just goes to show that reality is sometimes way more creative than we could ever be.

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